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 G20 wave of protest

Protest march—Demonstration on boats—A sea of banners

Hamburg, 2 July 2017, 12 noon


The leaders of the most important industrialized countries and emerging economies will meet in Hamburg for the G20 summit in early July. In times of increasing nationalism, international cooperation is urgently needed to combat famines, inequality, climate change, wars, and displacements. Yet present G20 policy ignores these global problems and does not provide solutions.

We need policy change now! Policy for more justice, more sustainability, more transparency, and more collaboration against social, ecological, and economic disruption. On Sunday, 2 July, we will be tens of thousands of people calling on the G20 and the future German government:

Make global trade equitable!

The G20 states are relying on a trade policy that strengthens the power of corporations instead of limiting it. Agreements such as TTIP, CETA, or TISA could enable corporations to file suit in arbitration courts against higher environmental and social standards that reduce their profits.

But trade must be fair. We say this especially in Hamburg, where trade with the whole world is flourishing. That is why our demands are to stop the trade agreements, not to ratify CETA in its present version, and to aspire to equitable global trade—with strong consumer, environmental, and social standards. There must be protection for workers' rights and the natural foundations of our livelihoods and support for sustainable agriculture. The core labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) must be recognized and observed globally, and this includes supply chains. Businesses must have a mandatory duty of care to secure workers' rights.

Save the climate!

The consequences of climate change are pervasive: the Arctic is melting; droughts, storms, and floods are increasing, and biodiversity is under threat.

All this endangers the foundations of human beings' lives—especially in the global South. Nonetheless, greenhouse gas emissions are continuing to rise, and one of the main reasons is that the G20 states are promoting harmful fossil fuels.

Hamburg too is threatened by climate change, through storm surges. In Hamburg we will say: Step up climate protection! The G20 must begin to change course toward sustainable economic activity. Renewable energy must be promoted around the world, and global energy consumption must be reduced.

Fight social inequality!

Social disparities are increasing worldwide and within the G20 states. If a few billionaires own as much as the poorer half of the global population, then a lot is going wrong. Poverty and hunger are the most common reasons for people to flee their homes. We are outraged at how the global community is simply watching people drown at Europe's borders.

We call on the G20 to take action against social inequality—in Germany and around the world! The G20 states must close down tax shelters, systematically fight tax evasion, and increase taxes on top earners and large assets. After all, we urgently need more money for investments in the future: for good education for all, affordable housing, good health care, sustainable infrastructure, and renewable energy.

Defend democracyand develop it!

Authoritarian conditions prevail in some G20 states. In others, right-wing populists are setting the political agenda or have already taken power. They extol nationalism, agitate against minorities and refugees, and seek to dismantle democracy and the rule of law.

Hamburg is an open-minded city. And it is in Hamburg that we call for developing democracy, strengthening parliaments, creating transparency, and enabling effective public participation in important decisions.

In short: we are joining forces ahead of the G20 summit to fight for equitable global trade and climate protection, for social justice and democracy. We will make a wave of protest with tens of thousands of people in the port city of Hamburg, on land and on the water.

Join in on 2 July and take your protest to Hamburg!

We need policy change now!